Man with monocle

Man with monocle

Man with monocle, Oil on canvas. Size: 50 H x 40 W x 2 cm

This painting was based on a photograph of a nineteenth century gentleman I found in a newspaper. The expression on his face struck me; it was animated with what seemed to me a combination of pride and fear. The monocle was a crucial part of the expression. I draw the photograph at first, in pencil, to get antiquated with the image. I also took the opportunity to exaggerate his features somewhat, to push it in the direction I already felt it was moving. Then I based the painting on the drawing, using colours I felt were appropriate for the perturbed feel of the work. I’m particularly pleased with the way the face fills the canvas, as if he’s leaning in towards you. For inspiration, I look to the New Objectivity artists of Wiemar Germany.

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